Customer Testimonials

Because of our customer Testimonials we are so sure of our product lines
that we carry a 30-Day Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Magnetic Jewelry is designed and hand-crafted in the USA. Located in  the Greater Portland area on the farm at Sunset Ridge. You can visit  our retail Jewelry Shop located in the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market, Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Customer Testimonials

Kathy M.

 Reduction in pain level is so much more than anticipated 

After wearing my new magnetic jewelry only a few times, I must admit that  the  reduction in pain level is so much more than anticipated and quite   surprising!! I immediately bought another necklace for a friend who  gets migraines and am taking another friend to meet Mark this  weekend  so that she can get magnet jewelry to help with her diabetes. I  want  everyone that I care about to benefit as much as I have!! Thanks,  Mark,  for making this possible.  


I am So pleased with

 I  am So pleased with the results of wearing the magnet jewelry. My arthritis is helped so much when I wear the bracelet , necklace or  both.  I am I the process of ordering as I have lost my original 3 in  one and  have been having a lot of pain again. I would recommend this  again and  again. I recommended them to many people who have placed  orders. Thank  you so much.  

Brenda and Charles

Great Products

My husband and I love the magnetic rocks! I was the first to buy them  from  you at the Cedarburg, Wi, Maxwell street days! And after wearing  my  bracelet and it helping with my tendonitis. I also bought the  necklace collection and then one more ankle bracelet. My husband saw how  well it  worked and decided to try it. He now wears two bracelets every  night to  bed and one at work all day. Now he wants to get an ankle  bracelet. You have brought us so much pain relief and we would love to  keep going  with your merchandise. Thanks for our health back.

Audrey P.

Magnetic rocks help with arthritis pain.

I love these bracelets. Not only are they beautifully made I wear them everyday to help with my arthritis. They really control the pain and stiffness in my hands. 

Maureen G.

Peridot Victorian Bracelet

It is a BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry, the best one yet for August babies  and it works..what more can I say? The company's customer service is   wonderful and I love visiting the shops to see what's new. 

Brenda H.

Infinity Collection

Favorite  look of all the bracelets. The actual jewelry is much prettier  in  person than on the website. And it really makes a difference if you suffer from arthritis, and migraines.


Helps the pain

Long arthritis sufferer. Felt I had nothing to lose trying the magnetic rocks. Finally can sleep through the night without my knees and feet causing so much pain. The selection of magnetic jewelry is extensive and beautiful, as well as, excellent quality. I have many pieces so I can wear at least one at all times and to match outfits. Have had many compliments on the various bracelets. May not be helpful to all, but has been for me. Give it a try. 

Brenda W

Highly recommend Magnetic Rocks

 I have several pieces from Magnetic Rocks, and have given them as gifts. Having worn magnetic jewelry from other sources previously, I am pleased to recommend Magnetic Rocks, and reassure you that you will be hard pressed to find better quality. They are very knowledgeable and helpful if you have questions. This site gives you the information you  need, and  the jewelry is beautiful. Very easy to offer a 5 star recommendation. You'll enjoy your new jewelry and feel better too! 

Cynthia M

One of the most significant piece of jewelry I've ever purchased.

 I Love the beauty and it's taking care of my health issues, all that I expected and more. I don't leave home without it. 


Quad clasp and more

 Truly love my magnetic bracelet and the set. The necklace/ bracelet/ anklet. Works amazingly. I recommend it to everyone. It looks good while eases my ankles swelling and elbow pain. 

Cheryl B

Love Magnet Rocks!

Since purchasing my necklace, I can turn my head with no "snap, crackle pops.". I wake up with less back stiffness, because I own 2 and place one around my ankle and another around the opposite wrist. It really works! I also love the beauty of this jewelry. Guess you can tell, I'm a fan. 

Michael J

Exceptional Jewelry

Just received my third order and could not be more pleased. The wife and I wear it all the time. Both of us agree that we have less pain when wearing this amazing magnetic jewelry.

Magical Gift of Magnetic Jewelry

A Magical Gift of Magnetic Jewelry can be a Physical Symbol of your Kindness, or a Declaration of Love. Magnetic Jewelry given as a Gift, will Create a Story. A Story that will Live on, well Beyond the Moment. Jewelry can affect us for Generations.

Made In "LOVE" the USA 

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