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Healing Jewelry Using Magnets

Why healing jewelry with magnetic information? The idea of using magnetic hematite  jewelry because of magnets is not new and is highly controversial, but is toted as easing pain and helping to treat the symptoms associated with different health conditions. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the use of magnets in what is now being called “magnetic therapy,” is being used on a regular basis in order to reduce pain and treat a variety of ailments.  Born from this healing magnetic therapy are the stylish magnetic jewelry of today that includes magnetic bracelets, magnetic anklets, and magnetic rings. Today, magnetic therapy and magnetic jewelry has been marketed as being effective in treating arthritis, high blood pressure, back pain, and gout, strengthen circulatory systems, and to alleviate migraine headaches, repair broken bones, improve circulation and even cure cancer. 

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Warning and Health Info

For your Warning and Health Info DO NOT use magnetic products if you are pregnant, have a history of epilepsy, wear any Electro-medical devices such as a pacemaker or other metal implants that might be dislodged by exposure to magnets, use insulin pumps, automatic defibrillators or drug patches. Keep magnets away from computer hard drives or credit cards in order to prevent damage. Magnets should also be kept away from battery operated watches and hearing aids.

Benefits of Hematite Healing Jewelry

Hematite healing jewelry has quite a devoted following not only for its unique magnetic therapy powers, but also for its striking stylish good looks. Unlike other magnetic bracelets, the hematite magnetic bracelets have as their “magnetic component” the hematite stone itself. Hematite contains quite a bit of iron, which renders it magnetic. 

Hematite healing jewelry, like the hematite stone itself, is said to provide inward peace, and aid in achieving balance and clarity. The stone is believed to eliminate negativity and transform that energy into love, helping one to build peaceful and loving relationships. According to “The Handbook of Chakra Healing,” the hematite stone balances the chakra and activates the root chakra. It is noted that a “healthy root chakra is important in maintaining life energy, endurance, rhythm and a connection to nature.”  

As more and more people discover the benefits of hematite healing jewelry, the world will hopefully someday transform into a more a balanced, loving, and healthy environment in which to live! Disclaimer: At Magnet Rocks, we invite you to find out how our hematite healing jewelry can benefit you by offering you a 100% money-back guarantee! 

The main actions are relaxation and circulation.

The main actions are relaxation and circulation. Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase blood flow in the tiny capillaries. Via testing by plethysmography, a way of measuring blood flow through the fingers, Doctors have found a rate of 300% increase in five minutes - a dramatic change. The speeded circulation is thought to be due to relaxation of capillary walls and important changes in the capillary beds, as well as further relaxation of muscle and connective tissue. Capillaries are key to understanding how magnets relieve pain via increased blood flow. Capillaries, far narrower than arteries or veins, are the regulators of blood flow. They are turned off until there is a need for carrying oxygen in and carbon dioxide and other waste products out. Then they're activated. Blood flow in tissue is governed by how many capillaries are flowing. When their walls are relaxed they allow the blood to flow more freely. Capillary action helps pain in another way: by speeding up fluid exchange in injured tissue, thereby flushing away the pain and inflammation chemistry at the site. These include unwanted by-products which are major causes of pain and inflammation. It is as though the life processes in the affected area were suddenly made more efficient once unwanted fluids are flushed from the system. In most cases, this stepping up of the metabolism not only stops pain but also stimulates the body to heal faster since the movement of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells will increase as the capillary blood flow continues." (Magnet Therapy) by Ron Lawrence, M.D. PH.D. and Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P. "
The evidence is overwhelmingly positive in supporting the notion that magnetic fields are of enormous benefit to human health". Dr. Buryl Payne, PH.D.  
A study published in 1989 in the journal Psychoenergetics reported an 80% improvement in multiple sclerosis patients in a double blind study using nearly 100 patients. 

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A study published in the medical journal Lancet in 1984 took 29 people with shoulder pains, and for 4 weeks were given magnetic treatments. By the end of the study, 19 patients were symptom less and 5 others much improved.  
Dr. Tetsuro Okino at the Teikyko Medical School in Japan carried out a study using magnets for shoulder pain and stiff necks. Of 80 people treated, about 90% found it to be effective.  
Medical studies done, show that magnetic products work in 70 to 82.3 percent of the people tested. In some blind studies using pulse magnets, 80 to 90 percent showed some improvement with pain. So magnetics have a good chance they will work for you. Even today surgeons are implanting magnets when doing spinal surgery, to alleviate pain and help with healing.  
In general terms, it is safe, painless, accelerates healing, and is noninvasive. It does not have allergic or infraction problems of multi-prescription medication. (No Side effects) It does not carry the risk of more aggressive treatment therapy such as experimental drugs or surgery.  
Magnetism is as natural as the sun and earth. For thousands of years man has used magnetics to relieve pain and help healing. The body is a bio magnetic organism that depends on this invisible force to maintain a balance of positive and negative ions for good health. Sports professionals have relied on magnetics for years, and claim it provides relief from aches and stiffness.  
Magnetics are hardly new in the medical field. The Greeks and Egyptians first recorded the therapeutic benefits of magnets four thousand years ago. One out of seven Japanese households use magnetics today and one out of ten German homes use magnetics today. But magnets are enjoying an increase in popularity in this country too! A movement toward alternative therapies and unconventional treatments is on the rise.  
Everyone can have a different reaction to medication. With magnetics, there is no ill side effects. But the length of time for a reaction may vary. Some people feel results in minutes, most in 24 to 48 hours. A few will not feel the effects for weeks, don't give up if you don't feel something right away, for you it just might take time.  
Pace makers may be affected by magnets. Please check with your physician before wearing magnetic jewelry.

The History of Magnets, Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work?

The History of Magnets, Do Magnetic Bracelets Really Work? In  the world we live in today it is not too hard to believe the History of  Magnets, Magnetic Hematite Bracelets or Magnetic Hematite Jewelry. Many   people will ask, Do magnetic bracelets really work? Many do not  realize  in our high-tech world, there are a number of chaotic energy  fields  that have been created. Modern electronics and conveniences such  as  microwaves, computers, and cell phones, all emit electromagnetic  waves  that interfere with our own bodies’ magnetic fields. All of these  things  have an affect on our health. However, even before all the  gadgetry,  energy fields were found to exist and it was discovered that  with the  use of magnets and magnetic jewelry, these fields could be  altered.  There is a long history of magnetic jewelry and, magnets  themselves,  dating back centuries. Sometime between 2500-3000 years BC,  magnets were  first documented as being used to help with the healing  process for  various ailments. Paracelsus (born   Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim in 1493), was a   Swiss-German physician, alchemist, botanist, astrologer, and one who   was considered to be the father of “modern medicine,” who believed that   the body’s “life force” was most affected by the force found in  magnets.  For years, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and Russians have been  using  magnetic bracelets for arthritis and Hematite Magnetic Jewelry  Therapy  to help ease the symptoms of a number of ailments including,  blood  pressure, anemia, spinal problems, gout, and more.

Hematite’s History of Healing

Hematite’s history of healing tends to go somewhat hand and hand with the history  of magnetic jewelry itself. This powerful gray-black stone has been used  as a “natural” form of healing for centuries. The use of the Hematite  stone is noted as being used in Ancient Egypt. In such ancient  civilizations, the Hematite stone was used to remove poisons from the  human body and to stop blood flow. In its powdered form, Hematite was  used as a red chalk and powder in Egyptian tombs to stop intruders from  entering. It is noted that Hematite powder can be quite irritating to  the eyes and skin and also can be lethal when inhaled.    In the 1950’s  Hematite's magnetic properties were the subjects of much debate in the  scientific community. The result was dozens of clinical studies being  conducted that led to anecdotal evidence, whereby today more than 120  million people worldwide spend billions of dollars regularly on Hematite  jewelry and magnets. While the history of magnetic jewelry and  Hematite’s history of healing is long, it easily fits into today’s world  with style! Hematite magnetic jewelry is one of the most stylish and  best ways to maintain good health and restoring one’s body and mental  health.

 WARNING:  DO NOT use magnetic products if you are pregnant, have a  history of  epilepsy, wear any Electro-medical devices such as a  pacemaker or other  metal implants that might be dislodged by exposure  to magnets, use  insulin pumps, automatic defibrillators or drug  patches. Keep magnets  away from computer hard drives, credit cards.  Magnets should also be  kept away from battery operated watches and  hearing aids.