Infinity Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl Bracelet

Hand Crafted Quality

Hematite Magnetic Jewelry

Hematite Magnetic Jewelry

Hematite Magnetic Jewelry Hematite Magnetic Jewelry Hematite Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic Jewelry in 15 Hematite Magnetic Jewelry Collections. 

11 Magnetic Jewelry Collections with Crystal by Swarovski®. 

Fine Crystal Magnetic Jewelry

Magnet Rocks Original Magnetic Jewelry

Looking to give Her something special.

Enchanted Amethyst and Clear Crystal Bracelet

She knows that extraordinary gifts always come in little packages. Make any Day exceptional for her with a unique gift from Magnet Rocks Magnetic Ladies Jewelry Collection. 

Gift ideas for the Guy Who Has Everything.

4x4 Golden Tiger Eye Bracelet

He knows you care and do your best.Discover truly unique gifts for men from Magnet Rocks Magnetic Mens Jewelry Collection.

Original Magnetic Jewelry


The main actions of Magnetic Jewelry are relaxation and circulation. Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase blood flow in the tiny capillaries. Via testing by plethysmography, a way of measuring blood flow through the fingers, Doctors have found a rate of 300% increase in five minutes - a dramatic change. Read more here.

There is much Magnetic Jewelry to see.

Take your time, look around and enjoy!


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Hematite Magnetic Jewelry

Magnet Rocks Magnetic Jewelry Collections.

We produce over 350 Magnetic Jewelry Bracelets and Jewelry Sets. 

225 + Magnetic Bracelets, 25 + Magnetic Necklaces, and Magnetic Anklets. 

All of our designs come with Magnetic Jewelry Clasps. 

We are so sure of our product lines that we carry a 30-Day Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Our Magnetic Jewelry is designed and hand-crafted in the USA. 

You can visit our retail Jewelry Stores located in the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market, Daytona Beach, Florida.

A Magical Gift of Magnetic Jewelry can be a Physical Symbol of your Kindness, or a Declaration of Love. Magnetic Jewelry given as a Gift, will Create a Story. A Story that will Live on, well Beyond the Moment. Jewelry can affect us for Generations.

 Made In "LOVE" the USA