Magnetic Wedding Jewelry Collection

Wedding Jewelry Collection

Original Magnetic Wedding Jewelry Designs from Magnet Rocks. You have certainly come to the right place if you are looking for Special, Unique Magnetic Wedding Jewelry. We offer truly unique wedding jewelry designs that not only look beautiful, but also provide a variety of healthful benefits. Our bridal magnetic jewelry collections are made with healing Magnets, Hematite, Crystal by Swarovski®, Amethyst, Tiger Eye and other semi-precious gemstones. 


Your bridal jewelry is definitely not something to be quickly chosen, but rather something that will be an extension to your engagement ring and wedding dress! It is that exquisite detail that will help to tie everything together. Remember, there is never a limit to the type nor how much jewelry a bride wears. Magnet Rocks’ unique bridal jewelry collection includes jewelry for not only the bride, but also the Matron of Honor, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom and even the groom himself. 

Here at Magnet Rocks, you will find a wide array of affordable and beautiful wedding jewelry designs to help complete your formal look. Whether you are looking at our Sleek Infinity, Breath taking Mystic , dazzling Enchanted, or vintage Victorian Bracelet, we have just the style you want! Each of our hand-crafted bridal jewelry designs are made with the finest gemstones for both their healing properties and stunning brilliance. The attention to detail of every piece is crafted with the notion that they should not only be breathtaking, but also make you feel fabulous!   

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Magical Gift of Magnetic Jewelry

A Magical Gift of Magnetic Jewelry can be a Physical Symbol of your Kindness, or a Declaration of Love. Magnetic Jewelry given as a Gift, will Create a Story. A Story that will Live on, well Beyond the Moment. Jewelry can affect us for Generations.

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