Magnetic Therapy Jewelry in 15 Original Magnetic Therapy Jewelry Collections. All Magnetic Therapy Jewelry includes Magnetic Jewelry Claps. Magnetic Therapy Jewelry is an Alternative Medical Practice and it is important to realize that both Men and Women have discovered that wearing Magnetic Therapy Jewelry comes with a variety of healthful benefits.



The main actions are relaxation and circulation. Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase blood flow in the tiny capillaries. Via testing by plethysmography, a way of measuring blood flow through the fingers, Doctors have found a rate of 300% increase in five minutes - a dramatic change. The speeded circulation is thought to be due to relaxation of capillary walls and important changes in the capillary beds, as well as further relaxation of muscle and connective tissue. Capillaries are key to understanding how magnets relieve pain via increased blood flow. Capillaries, far narrower than arteries or veins, are the regulators of blood flow. They are turned off until there is a need for carrying oxygen in and carbon dioxide and other waste products out. Then they’re activated. Blood flow in tissue is governed by how many capillaries are flowing. When their walls are relaxed they allow the blood to flow more freely. Capillary action helps pain in another way: by speeding up fluid exchange in injured tissue, thereby flushing away the pain and inflammation chemistry at the site. These include unwanted by-products which are major causes of pain and inflammation. It is as though the life processes in the affected area were suddenly made more efficient once unwanted fluids are flushed from the system. In most cases, this stepping up of the metabolism not only stops pain but also stimulates the body to heal faster since the movement of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells will increase as the capillary blood flow continues." (Magnet Therapy) by Ron Lawrence, M.D. PH.D. and Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P. "

The evidence is overwhelmingly positive in supporting the notion that magnetic fields are of enormous benefit to human health". Dr. Buryl Payne, PH.D. 

A study published in 1989 in the Journal Psychoenergetics reported an 80% improvement in multiple sclerosis patients in a double blind study using nearly 100 patients. 

A study published in the medical journal Lancet in 1984 took 29 people with shoulder pains, and for 4 weeks were given magnetic treatments. By the end of the study, 19 patients were symptom less and 5 others much improved. 

Dr. Tetsuro Okino at the Teikyko Medical School in Japan carried out a study using magnets for shoulder pain and stiff necks. Of 80 people treated, about 90% found it to be effective. 

Medical studies done, show that magnetic products work in 70 to 82.3 percent of the people tested. In some blind studies using pulse magnets, 80 to 90 percent showed some improvement with pain. So magnetics have a good chance they will work for you. Even today surgeons are implanting magnets when doing spinal surgery, to alleviate pain and help with healing. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today, December 13 2013 allowed marketing of the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS; eNeura Therapeutics), the first device approved to relieve pain caused by migraine headache with aura. 

In general terms, it is safe, painless, accelerates healing, and is noninvasive. It does not have allergic or infraction problems of multi-prescription medication. (No Side effects) It does not carry the risk of more aggressive treatment therapy such as experimental drugs or surgery. 

Magnetism is as natural as the sun and earth. For thousands of years man has used magnetics to relieve pain and help healing. The body is a bio magnetic organism that depends on this invisible force to maintain a balance of positive and negative ions for good health. Sports professionals have relied on magnetics for years, and claim it provides relief from aches and stiffness. 

Magnetics are hardly new in the medical field. The Greeks and Egyptians first recorded the therapeutic benefits of magnets four thousand years ago. One out of seven Japanese households use magnetics today and one out of ten German homes use magnetics today. But magnets are enjoying an increase in popularity in this country too! A movement toward alternative therapies and unconventional treatments is on the rise. 

Everyone can have a different reaction to medication. With magnetics, there are no ill side effects. But the length of time for a reaction may vary. Some people feel results in minutes, most in 24 to 48 hours. A few will not feel the effects for weeks; don't give up if you don't feel something right away, for you it just might take time. 

Pace makers may be affected by magnets. Please check with your physician before wearing magnetic jewelry.

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Throughout Magnetic Therapy Jewelry history, most Magnetic Jewelry often used by people also had symbolic meaning. Magnetic Jewelry today like the ornamental Magnetic Mens Jewelry and Magnetic Ladies Jewelry of the past, is often worn to symbolize success and wealth, or possibly love and balance. Both men and women have discovered  that wearing magnetic jewelry comes with a variety of healthful benefits. Throughout history, magnetic jewelry has been worn to help alleviate pain and illnesses. Magnetic Therapy Jewelry is an alternative medical practice where magnets are worn that will help improve circulation and help balance pH in the body. Help increase oxygen in the body and helps to improve the production of the body’s endorphins. (The body’s natural pain killers) Helps to balance endocrine functions and helps to reduce inflammation. Overall it helps to alleviate chronic pain. 

At our Magnet Rocks Jewelry Shops, we offer Magnetic Therapy Jewelry designs that are stunning unique designs for those seeking to portray power and status or peace and beauty. Please take some time and peruse our vast selection of magnetic jewelry.

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FDA Approves First Device to Treat Migraine Pain

 December 13 2013

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed marketing of the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS; eNeura Therapeutics), the first device approved to relieve pain caused by migraine headache with aura. 


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