May Birthstone Jewelry

Magnetic May Birthstone Jewelry by Magnet Rocks.

10 Magnetic  May  Birthstone Collections all include 

Emerald Crystal by Swarovski ® and Magnetic Jewelry Clasps.

May Birthstone Jewelry Collection

May Birthstone Jewelry

Magnetic January Birthstone Jewelry Collection.

Our Magnetic May Birthstone Jewelry

Original Magnetic May Birthstone Jewelry

While ancient Egyptians and Romans appear to be the ones who made jewelry wearing quite popular, the wearing of jewelry goes back centuries. It is said that the first people to wear jewelry were the Cro-Magnons, ancestors of Homo Sapiens. Jewelry Designs have ranged from crude necklaces made from bone and teeth to elaborate solid gold rings and bracelets with diamonds and other stones. Today Magnetic Jewelry has taken on another purpose as well – one that makes people feel better! At Magnet Rocks, we specialize in Magnetic Jewelry that not only looks beautiful but also provides magnetic therapy.